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03 April 2015

Cross country surfing, section connecting, speed and glide… whatever your take on Eagles they can be sublime sliding vehicles, I'm engrossed.

10' plus in my book, they have a style and elegance in built, massaging you into a fluid and dare I say graceful style you never knew you had, well, that is what it feels like to me, the outward reality of a 50 year old fat bloke surfing one might be slightly different of course.

Skip Frye is the spiritual father in more ways than one and his Eagles are legendary for good reason. Others have similar takes on the genre and one of the very best is Larry Mabile. This is my second and it's even better than the first… if you want to 'Slide the Glide' as Josh would say then I can recommend no better than Larry, hand shaped in California. To quote the vernacular 'Yew!'…